Sunday, 28 September 2014

Nottingham Comic Con 2014

Oh sorry, didn't see you there! *puts on robe*

So, it's that time of year again, Nottingham Comic Con (formerly Nerd Fest) is almost upon us and yet again I shall be sitting behind a table and pretending to know what I'm doing, forcing an artistic dwarf, sat under my table, to produce sketches for peanuts. Literally.

This will be my one and only con appearance this year so if you'd like a quick and cheap sketch (or to touch my milk stained beard) then you won't want to miss this event. Pop along to Nottingham Conference Centre on Saturday 4th October 2014 and you will find the following magical items/services coming out of my fingers:


Yeah, that's right, old Mikey boy done gone made himself a book. With the help of Kev Brett cos my ZX Spectrum is rubbish for making books.

It's 28 pages of weird inky loveliness from my deformed hands, all wrapped in a wipe clean cover. It's great for reading while eating your favourite chocolate flavoured rice based cereal. It also makes for an adequate face guard, just incase you fancy having a duel with a wasp/chaffinch.

Comic anthology

Many ages ago, when the moon and the sun aligned, a mysterious object plummeted to Earth. It's impact crater was so immense that it can only be measured using Breville toastie makers. In the centre of the crater sat an elaborately decorated oak chest. It remained up opened for hundreds of years, many tried to prise open that lid using varying tools - keys, lock picks, swords, axes, crowbars, vaseline and Rod Stewart - but none would succeed. In 2013 this chest finally unlatched itself. From its iron clad lid appeared four beautifully sculpted men, they turned to each other, joined hands and said "let's make a comic!". They touched fingers and did a sexy dance.

These mysterious handsome men were Kel Winser, Kev Brett, Mike Barnes and Mike Jackson. They have created a comic anthology so revolutionary that it will change the way the readers eyes function forever. You should totally buy this from me :)

Curly Moustache Man

If you're not familiar with my creation then you are in for a real treat here. You can grab yourself volume 1 of the LOL heavy adventures of everyone's favourite curly moustachioed bald man. He has a bow tie and is well dope and fresh.


I like to run limited editions of my best pieces and this year you can grab a super hot looking Rocket Raccoon that can touch with your hands or face. After you've bought it, you animal.

This year I also have prints of many of my finest arty picture things. While I have loads of designs, there is very limited stock of each.


I shall be taking commissions on the day too, A4 black and grey head sketches at £10 each,. I choose to keep it simple at these events to keep it cheap and quick, an affordable bit of original art and a chance for many to get something cool and unique.

I'll have some original art for sale too and sweets on the table to entice you in. Which sounds sinister but it's really not. Unless you have a beard, if you've got one of those and it's hot then I will be wrapping you in duct tape and bundling you into the boot of my car.

The day will be an absolute blast for all the family with so many great creative types rammed into a fantastic new venue. Be sure to swing by the tables of my faves Reckless Hero, Dave Gaskin, Marc Laming, Dan McDaid, Kev Brett and Steve Beckett.

So, see you there, k?