Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cancer Research art auction part 1

So the first batch of donated artwork has been listed, bid on, won, paid and posted. Now, if my maths are right (and as an accountant, I would really hope they are) this batch alone has raised £629.15 for Cancer Research!!!!!

Of course all this is down to three groups of people - the donors, the promoters and the bidders. Thank you all so much, you've made a real difference. Thank you to every tweeter, retweeter, blogger and Facebooker (carefully checked that one for spelling errors) - without you the auction wouldn't reach anywhere near the audience it has. Thank you to each bidder (successful or not) - each bid raised the price of each item and you are all champions of the Internet in my eyes. A special thanks to each donor though, because it is your generosity in giving up your work and/or time for no monetary reward that has made this all possible.

Batch 1 donors (click on their names and they'll link to something non-suspicious):

Alisdair Wood
Norman Lovett (via Andy Barber @ Refresh PSC)
Chris Imber
Daniel Diehl
Dave Goulding
David Kirby
Emily Owen & Gavin Mitchell
James Priest
Jenny Brown
Kev Brett
Jacob & Elliot Collins
Paul Cooke
Paul Henderson
Paul Sherwood
Peter Raymond
Luma Studio

All you guys deserve a hearty slap on the back and a tickle under the chin or, if you'd prefer, I could just buy you a refreshing beverage of your choice at a convention later this year (I'm looking at you, Nottingham Comic Convention and Thought Bubble).

This is just batch one though, there is so much more coming up for auction soon and there are many artists yet to send me their donations so expect a few more batches still. With all this support I am confident we can slap cancer in the face with a heavy wad of cash. Cancer hates cash.

Thanks again.


Mike xxx