Saturday, 1 February 2014

Charity art auction - DONATIONS NEEDED PLEASE

Hi there fellow internetians.

Without going overboard on details, we recently found out that my mum has terminal cancer. The news came as a shock to us all and while we've all had some time to get to it into our heads it never truly feels real. We all know how common cancer can be but nothing truly prepares you to hear the C word being mentioned in connection with your own family. The worst part is knowing that she will not see her grandchildren grow up, she will never hear about their day at school or what they want Santa to bring them for Christmas. Seeing the grip cancer takes on someone you love is a thoroughly horrible thing. I wouldn't wish such experiences upon the worst of humankind. Which leads me to this....

If I could help toward the possibility of saving one person from the kind of pain my mother is going through, saving one family the heartache that we are experiencing then I would sell my soul to do so. Alas, I do not possess many skills to allow me to raise money, so I had hoped that the power of the internet may help me in raising money via an online art auction (eBay probably). Absolutely every penny from the auctions would be donated to Cancer Research UK.

While I will be listing some of my own work (plus undertake a few commissions) I feel more money could be raised by selling the work of others. For this I really need your help, I would very much appreciate any donations of art, be the drawn specifically for donation, existing pieces or even just simple doodles. I know this is a big ask but I will happily promote any artist who donates via this blog, the listing itself and Twitter. I wouldn't ask the art be sent to me, though this is something that can be discussed individually. Please help me make a difference to someones life. Please contact me if you would be interested in helping and I shall provide further details via email.

Thank you for reading.


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  1. I lost my mother to that C word a few years ago, so I can understand, and would like to contribute. If you'd like to email me further, it's artistjerrybennettatgmaildotcom.
    If you'd like to see my work,