Monday, 27 May 2013

Spider-Man + all of the freaky

So here's another quick sketch - about 30 minutes on this one, which is more than I wanted to spend. In preparation of Nerd Fest in October, and in view of my limited time right now, I'm trying a quick and simple black and white sketch each week. I'm happy how I'm progressing so far at least. The idea being that I'll be doing these kind of sketches at the show, hopefully someone will want one.

That said my focus right now is the comic, which is steady progress on my part, though I'm not too far off ready to start the panel layouts, which means getting closer to a reveal! I'm happy with my work so far and I honestly cannot wait for you see and get some reaction :)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wolverine updatededededed

I'm pretty sure no one reads this, except me. So, hey me, I tidied up some of the lines on that quick Sharpie sketch I/you did with a real pen and scanned it. I'm/you're lazy/incompetent so I/you didn't get rid of the blue pencil, but I know you like the rough sketch look. You rock.